Community Partnership - Web3 Dubai Event

Hi, I am Jacob from Web3 Global and I would like to offer you Community Partnership that is FREE and includes:

Website Recognition:
Your logo will be prominently displayed on our official website,, as a distinguished Community Partner, ensuring heightened visibility to our global audience.

Marketing Announcement:
We will craft a compelling marketing announcement highlighting our esteemed partnership. You will have the opportunity to review and approve the copy, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Exclusive Event Access:
Your team will receive complimentary tickets to our events, with additional passes available for your community members, subject to venue capacity limits. This ensures that your brand is well-represented at our high-profile gatherings.

Twitter Space Presence:
Gain exposure and engage with a diverse audience by being invited to participate in Twitter Spaces on various relevant topics. This provides a unique platform for thought leadership and community interaction.

Metaverse Event Invitations:
Anticipate an exciting lineup of Metaverse events throughout the coming year, with your brand receiving exclusive invitations. Stay tuned for more details as we unveil our plans for these groundbreaking experiences.

Networking Application Access:
Enjoy complimentary access to our cutting-edge networking application scheduled for release in 2024. This platform is designed to enhance connectivity and collaboration within our community.

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This seems cool :thinking: let’s see what the team makes of it

After the WEB3 berlin I wouldn’t go in that one.

I’m sorry but it was one of the worst events, not cuzorganization but lack of people except exhibitors.

Hi Gregor,
I hope that you are doing well!

I would like to offer a free community partnership to your company, providing your team and community with complimentary tickets to all our upcoming events. In addition, we’d like to invite you to participate in our Twitter Spaces, Metaverse events, and various online activities.

Our next two-day event in Dubai is scheduled for April 29-30 .

Dubai Pitchdeck:

Let’s jump on call then so we pass u more details and steps, let me know when u book a meeting:

E-mail: [email protected]

I’m sure we won’t disappoint you this time!