Coin of the month - airdrop

I have one idea for monthly airdrop of one trending coin ( coin of choice for the month) to the vault holders or prime users.

last quarter XVS spent more $1 million for buyback. Lets take out of $50K from that amount ( or more depending on poll).

Pick a trending coin( gaming/AI/meme etc) of the month ( based on the user poll), and get the coin for the 50K amount and airdrop to the vault/prime users.


  1. Users love airdrops
  2. As we pick a trending coin, it helps with more marketing and partnerships ( IL pools?)

Potential airdrop candidates.


Hello mate, to me it does not make sense as you suggest it. You have to understand that majority of Venus holders will be very likely not interested in some random tokens or fractions of any tokens in rewards. Also it is more benefit fot token you chose than for Venus.

The negatives I see in it:

  • a slightly lower buyback, i.e. also APR
  • promotion of a random project without positives for Venus
  • everything slows down governance, your chosen MEME token for example can drop by 70% in the meantime
  • unnecessary extra work

For it to make sense, it would have to be in the form of an agreement with some project that will be presented on IL. For example, we will buy your token now for $50K and distribute it to Venus hodlers, and you will buy $25K in XVS and distribute it either to your users or put it as Boostrap liquidity on a new market.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:


If this can be worked out as a partnership with one coin a month, it will be great.
Venus will buy a coin for 50K and distribute it and they will have to buy XVS for 25k/50K