Chaos Labs - Supply Cap Recommendations for WBETH - 07.08.2023


A proposal to increase the supply cap of WBETH as it reached 100% utilization.

We acknowledge the high supply cap utilization of WBETH. We are actively monitoring the supply and borrow caps as well as the borrow usage and on-chain liquidity, and any significant changes in this aspect are promptly communicated to the community through the Alerts section on the Chaos Labs’ Risk Hub as well as through the dedicated Chaos Labs <> Venus Alerts Telegram channel.

wBETH Supply Cap Alert on Chaos Labs Risk Hub



Given the calculation below, our methodology allows for increasing the supply cap of WBETH to 16,000, doubling the current supply cap.

Current Supply Cap Extreme Liquidation Amount (WBETH) Max Amount Liquidated (WBETH) R Recommended Supply Cap
WBETH 8,000 85 900 2 16,000


Current Supply Cap Recommended Supply Cap Current Borrow Cap Recommended Borrow Cap
WBETH 8,000 16,000 1,100 No Change
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