Can someone help me locate my crypto?

I was using the bridge and I connected my Trustwallet and added my Callisto and BNB, the transaction completed but I never received anything back. I was under the impression that I would receive ccBNB? I attached screenshots.

Thank you for your time,

Kenny Rogers

Here is my bnb address


Here is my CLO


Not sure including a link to the transaction would have been nice but I managed to find it anyways, it’s over 3 years old?

I’m not sure what is going on more info would he nice, but perhaps you got liquidated or you selected the wrong transaction as the hash you mentioned is to Enable Collateral on Venus, and not a bridge

I was using the Callisto bridge and somehow my assets got sent to Venus and i do not know how? Yes this was a few years ago, ive been trying ever since to get my crypto back.

Thanks for sharing, I’m not that familiar with the Venus smart contracts so I suggest getting more information and finding out exactly what happened first and finding out whether the money is lost or stuck somewhere

I do not understand what is your issue, and which tokens dissapeared from your Wallet…

The TXid you are pointing is just an ‘Enter Markets’ function for ETH (Set it as Collateral). There is no Token Transfer involved there…

vToken selected on Enter Markets (vETH)

So please try to explain yourself better…

The only issue I can see there, is not related with Venus, but with you interacting with a Bridge Contract, using Claim function and sending ccCLO tokens to this address:

This is the TXid involved there just in case you want to keep talking with Bridge owners.

There is no issue on Venus or with Venus contracts, neither you interacted with Venus contracts for this CLO token