Can I move my vTokens to another wallet?

I think I have a malicious contract sweeper installed in my Metamask. I need to repay my loan. Can I move my vTokens to another wallet and from it repay my loan and withdraw the collateral?

Hey Flu,

that WILL NOT work(!)
Please do NOT try that.
Moving vTokens to a new wallet is ONLY safe, if you have NO loans against them!
If you do not repay before moving you will be liquidated and the TX would most likely fail as well.

What about installing the Binance Wallet extension and enter your Seed phrase there? If you have a contract sweeper in MM then BWE will perhaps not be affected.

Or install MM on another computer?

If I may ask: Why do you think that you have a malicious contract sweeper in your MM?

Thank you very much for your answer, it is very good information.
These days I have made movements in BUSD and that contract appeared, and every time I made a movement in BUSD, it reappeared. This certainly did not steal anything from me but I am afraid that it could happen, especially when withdrawing my collateral.
Can I share a link to the contract here?
This is marked as Fake_Phishing507.

Strange indeed…

I am by no means an expert, but I would advise you to try to install another browser, install a fresh copy of MetaMask in this new browser (if you do not have another device at hand) and try if this fresh MM interacts with the right contract addresses.

If it does: Import your account, payback your loan and transfer everything to a fresh and unused address to be on the safe side. Afterwards uninstall the MM with the malicious contract sweeper.

I will ask the admins on the TG group to have a look at this topic. Please don’t fall for any PMs that are telling you they are admins.

Venus vTokens contracts are:

USDC 0xecA88125a5ADbe82614ffC12D0DB554E2e2867C8
USDT 0xfD5840Cd36d94D7229439859C0112a4185BC0255
BUSD 0x95c78222B3D6e262426483D42CfA53685A67Ab9D
SXP 0x2fF3d0F6990a40261c66E1ff2017aCBc282EB6d0
BTCB 0x882C173bC7Ff3b7786CA16dfeD3DFFfb9Ee7847B
ETH 0xf508fCD89b8bd15579dc79A6827cB4686A3592c8
LTC 0x57A5297F2cB2c0AaC9D554660acd6D385Ab50c6B
XRP 0xB248a295732e0225acd3337607cc01068e3b9c10
BCH 0x5F0388EBc2B94FA8E123F404b79cCF5f40b29176
DOT 0x1610bc33319e9398de5f57B33a5b184c806aD217
LINK 0x650b940a1033B8A1b1873f78730FcFC73ec11f1f
DAI 0x334b3eCB4DCa3593BCCC3c7EBD1A1C1d1780FBF1
FIL 0xf91d58b5aE142DAcC749f58A49FCBac340Cb0343
BETH 0x972207A639CC1B374B893cc33Fa251b55CEB7c07
ADA 0x9A0AF7FDb2065Ce470D72664DE73cAE409dA28Ec
DOGE 0xec3422Ef92B2fb59e84c8B02Ba73F1fE84Ed8D71
MATIC 0x5c9476FcD6a4F9a3654139721c949c2233bBbBc8
Cake 0x86aC3974e2BD0d60825230fa6F355fF11409df5c
AAVE 0x26DA28954763B92139ED49283625ceCAf52C6f94
TUSD 0x08CEB3F4a7ed3500cA0982bcd0FC7816688084c3
TRX 0x61eDcFe8Dd6bA3c891CB9bEc2dc7657B3B422E93
BNB 0xA07c5b74C9B40447a954e1466938b865b6BBea36
XVS 0x151B1e2635A717bcDc836ECd6FbB62B674FE3E1D

This guy scammed a lot of people with his fake_phishing contracts in last years. He sends FAKEcoins to people and is waiting if they try ot swap them and approve his contract. If you can i think it is the best to revoke this contract using debank/unrekt or other websites.

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Finally the mystery of the contracts marked as Fake_Phishing is solved. You can find the resolution to this issue at: MetaMask - Privacy and Security - Address poisoning scams.