Bringing BRZ (Brazilian Stable coin) to XVS

Guys, what you guys think about bringing BRZ (Brazilian Stablecoin) to XVS?

Today Binance announced that bought a broker in Brazil:

Alterbank is a bank available to Brazilians where you can deposit/withdraw BRZ to/from your metamask with the rate of 1:1 and no fees applied. Futhermore, every time you spend more than 10 BRZ (~2 USD) with your card you receive 1% cashback in Bitcoin:

Also, FTX has already listed BRZ on their CEX.

And a few days ago Jarvis network + Ellipses Finance implemented the first BRZ stable coin pool with jBRL

Pancake Finance has a BRZ-BUSD pool and has a very interesting volume

Let’s remember that Brazil is the biggest country in Latin america and a criptofriendly country and I havent found BRZ on lending/borrowing protocols. XVS can bring a lot of new investor allowing supply and borrowing of BRZ


Jarvis link:

BRZ-BUSD pool: PancakeSwap

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Excellent idea Chancellor, it would be very useful for us brazilians and at same time would attract a lot of new inverstors. and why not bring others stablecoins also?


I think it’s a great idea, in addition to being a crypto-friendly country it is the 8th economy in the world… so there are many potential investors


I think this is a great idea. But I would also like to add in perhaps adding other non-USD stablecoins. In addition to the BRZ, can also perhaps look into listing the EUR and GBP to start.

If we were to use Jarvis Network, they have been minting a lot of new non-USD stablecoins. Many of them have been launched on Polygon, but they are recently adding them on BNB. They have only been around for a year, so they expanding fast.

Thus far, only Market protocol on Polygon has listed any of Jarvis’ stablecoins, mainly their jEUR and jCAD. They recently put up a proposal to list jEUR on Aave (Polygon) and it was passed, so that is being worked on. Beside these, no other major lending platform has them, especially on BNB so listing them can be a really great first-mover and marketing strategy, especially for new investorss, if Venus can be the first to list them to be lend out and borrowed.

We don’t have to use Jarvis, but since I’m familiar with their stablecoins, and since Chancellor mentioned them, I think it would be great to partner up with them.

If there are other platforms that provide non-USD stablecoins that we can partner up with, then please share.

I have provided a few more details about Jarvis,


I share the same view! I would be happy to have those non-USD stablecoin in my portfolio!


Well I think it’s a great idea, even more so because the crypto market in Brazil has more and more power. Therefore, for us in Brazil it is very interesting to adopt our stable currency, both to avoid market volatility and also to attract more investors. Good job!!

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Same with me and Beefy Finance is partners with Jarvis and have vaults for jEUR, jCAD, JPY with very high APY (not APR). This is on Polygon, but if we list them (BRZ, EUR, GBP) on Venus and work with Jarvis and Beefy to make a vault for them, this will create demand for them on BNB. Imagine borrowing some JPY at 2-5% borrowing rate on Venus and putting them on Beefy and get 15-20% APY.