Bridge for ETHEREUM Readjust\ remove limit

As anyone is aware right now the Bridge does allow only a 10 000$( 550XVS) to be bridged into ETH chain wich cost right now around 0,35 BNB… thats around 200$ for each transaction…(Chaos Labs sugestion)


As anyone can confirm right now Ethereum chain is expensive as well.

My sugestion is that Venus does allows atleast the 1000XVS to be bridged at once, expexting this limit to gone as XVS has more liquidity into Ethereum chain, but one thing is sure, no one with big bag will be interested to bridge their bags at this stage.

Lets suppose a Venus holder has 3000 XVS to bridge… right now to put it into Ethereum would cost “only” 1200$ now imagine bigger ammounts… this is a huge wall to BSC whales.

Venus will offer an LP with 8000XVS\30ETH, but lets be realistic this isnt enought, a single whale can grab those LP and make price to skyrocket…into Ethereum…

Unless Venus raises LP or raise the bridge limits we have a big proble.

The best solution would be Venus with Binance provide since first day the option to withdraw XVS into ethereum, otherwise Ethereum emissions wont be enought for the demand, wich Prime will bring since, BSC has around 600 potencial Prime holders demand… if only this group gets into Ethereum thats 60 000 XVS… to be bridged…atleast…