Borrow cap some easy solution to all

We all are aware of the big issue at borrow cap of Venus… alowing a whale and more 93 persons a big part of the 1500 XVS being shared daily… the easy way to solve this would implement an adress limit… like each person can borrow just 200-500 xvs… soo this would allow all community to participate… but sure some people might wanna abuse it … since the apy is too high… one other option would be to set it to 0 or input a fee at borrow soo one will even try it… lets say 300% fee for sure would make people away… and with lower cap as well… soo no one could abuse the proposal system.


Trouble is we need 300000xvs to put a proposal forward & 600000xvs votes to pass & execute. Without the Swipe/Venus team intervention we are stuck. The whale is laughing.


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Well binance is well know to be fair with all their clients, lotery system is one of the proof, other were the hack at binance… SAFU funds cover it. Soo i believe this is just a question of time till Swipe removes the current cap or bring a solution soo no one can abuse the borrow venus side… wich can and will have huge impact at the proposals… soo i believe its a question of time till they find or get a solution to handle this issue…for now they will handle the VAI liquidations wich werent happening at all…

I’m sure that you are correct. Binance are the most trusted in the space. Cz has high morals which makes me wonder if he is even aware of the cap issue.

Well it too some time till they realise that XVS borrow were a problem to the protocol and not the way they said it were… first come first serve as well 97 lucky members growing too fast vs community… XVS borrow remove is the best solution soo no one will ever abuse the protocol… supply is enought, thanks team for the hard work.