BNB Vault like Marinade (Solana Blockchain) model

** Sorry any english mistake, not native.

There is a protocol on Solana that Venus could make same model, and for sure, it could bring Billions of TVL for Venus and could increase 2x BNB BSC TVL.

The protocol model is, in a nutshell you can stake SOL for (network security) while you are free to use your assets any time.

Here’s a video that explains how the protocol works.

Today, with BNB you have to do a choice between: Stake with 21 validators or use your BNB (trade, DeFi, hold, etc…)

With this model you can stake BNB (21 validators) to security chain, receive APY and same time free to use your BNB.

For Venus:
Step 1 - Stake BNB on Venus (Venus distributes to the 21 validators)
Step 2 - Receive yBNB
Step 3 - Board of Venus (and CZ) need to build (like Marinade has done*) all BSC protocols to accept yBNB asset. Swap, DeFi etc…

*Today you can use mSOL (Marinade Stake with validatores) in all protocols on Solana like SOL.

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