Binance Connect Proposal : integrating Binance on-ramp solution to Venus App

Proposal to integrate Binance Connect, the new on-ramp solution launched by Binance.

About Binance Connect :
Binance Connect is a convenient and affordable solution to purchase fiat with crypto directly within the Venus DApp.
Users with a verified Binance Account can directly access it without having to perform another KYC which grants a direct to 60M+ users. Alternatively, if a user does not have a Binance Account, he still can create a “Binance Connect” account and use it exactly like any other on-ramp provider.
Binance Connect allows users to buy more than 200+ different crypto using a large choice of fiat currencies, all fiat-crypto pairs listed on are accessible in Binance Connect.
Additionally, Binance Connect offers the best rate in the industry making crypto accessible and affordable to all.

This proposal’s purpose is to integrate Binance Connect on the Venus front-end UI.

Through this partnership we are expecting to :

  • Making Venus a product more accessible to new crypto-users

  • Contribute to increasing the TVL by allowing our community to invest through new ways (monthly recurring purchases, fast top-up, etc.)

  • Gain visibility through this partnership: Cross marketing campaign for the official launch to incentivize Binance Users to join the Venus community.


Sounds like an excellent idea.


Definitely a must have and a must do!


This must be integrated as quickly as possible!

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Great idea to get more users and Venus exposure.

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perfect! please do it !

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Excellent idea. Lets do it !

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Excelente propuesta el integrar más herramientas para poder acceder a la plataforma y así llevando un poco más esa adopción me encantó

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Great news, w8t 4 it

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It must be done quickly. We’ll be the best again. :muscle::muscle:

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Awesome, I love the convenience. Everything in one place for the user.
If/when a swap comes then Venus will truly shine!

Access to new worlds using only sounds great…

It will be a good exposure for Venus, let’s gooo!

approve this connection