Benzinga & Venus Content Campaign

Benzinga & Venus Reach Campaign

Benzinga is the largest retail focused site for trading and investing in the USA with over 50 million views throughout our ecosystem each month.

Benzinga would love to cover and share your developments, mission, utilities and more with not only our audience on - but also over 150+ different news outlets such as Apple News, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, MarketWatch, Google News, etc. We’ve partnered with newer syndication specialists that can give us placement for video AND article content on all these sites.

Getting Venus on mainstream media will educate and inform the masses to attract new investors and builders to this protocol, while also spreading information to DeFi enthusiasts globally.

This Package Includes:

- Up to 3 Sponsored Articles per month
Benzinga’s DeFi Editorial team will create articles to boost awareness and educate readers about your clients developments, mission, etc. This will be spread across the Benzinga ecosystem, targeting high intent Crypto audiences and syndicated to all our media partners.

- Up to 2 Custom Videos per month
Benzinga’s Content Studio will create custom videos that cover major developments and announcements. A few different flavors: interviews, explainers, specific requests, etc. Each video will be shared on all our social media platforms and be yours to use for any other marketing in the future, as well as being syndicated to all our media partners.

- Unlimited Contributed Articles per month
You will have the opportunity to send our editorial team written articles monthly for us to publish and spread throughout the Benzinga ecosystem and syndicated to all our media partners. Our editorial team has the final say on edits needed before publication. Max 800 words.

- Extended Distribution
We’ve partnered with newer syndication specialists that can give us placement for video AND article content on Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Dow Jones, Seeking Alpha, Google News, Apple News, Nasdaq, and many more.

Happy to answer any questions about our work, our DeFi team and viewership.

Check here to see a deck that explains this campaign further.


what is our budget for this agreement. every advertisement campaign are contribute our awereness. good job team

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Excelente propuesta :handshake:

Every tool used to announce the Venus protocol to people is important. This offer is important for us to reach more people.


Harika bir fikir. Hemen hayata geçirelim. iyi iş ekip :muscle:t3:


It will be 8K$/Month, to be paid out of our existing/pre-allocated Marketing Budget.


We all know the importance of marketing in this space. It looks a very good proposal to get known by more people.

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From another project I have witnessed that marketing in bear markets has barely effect especially at Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, MarketWatch, Google News, etc.

Better save this monthly to be paid fee for a bigger marketing campaing in bull. 12 x 8 would make 96k. I would rather see one or two good marketing campaigns when the time is right.

I am up for it. At this time I think Venus can afford 8k per month. Also, if we want to play with the big boys we have to break out and reach as many people as possible.

I think it is a great way to get people’s attention on the protocol and obtain more visibility. Great deal!

I think Bully Bee is right here… but as this is decided no matter what we write here: go ahead as usual…

I’ve seen Benzinga do advertisements for CUDOS on their website (articles) and it doesn’t seem to of had any increase in its token price. After each article is published the volume of the token stays the same and price doesn’t move… However if the price is good I’m willing to give this a go as I do believe Benzinga have a large audience but investors aren’t willing to take chances right now under this market