AVANTGARDE - Design/Development Services for Venus Proposal

Hey Community,

It’s great to be here and have the chance to make a proposal to such an awesome DAO. Venus is well structured and concise in its goals and communication which is key for us when approaching possible partners moving forward.

Please see below for a brief overview of who AVANTGARDE are and what we do: -


AVANTGARDE’s main mission is to help educate, build, and accelerate the world’s transition into crypto technology. Since 2017 companies have trusted us for MVP development, token economics and launch, security audits and quality consultations to flesh out concepts and bring them to reality.

AVANTGARDE was rebranded in 2022 as a full stack multi-purpose creative team for blockchain auditing and development services. In the last few years, we have been instrumental in the success of several large projects such as Apemex, DKYC and many more.

AVANTGARDE’s Founder and CEO Dustin was inspired to start the company due to the lack of trustworthy service providers in the blockchain industry. Through experience, knowledge and understanding of complex technology along with strategic partnerships over the last 5 years we feel we have achieved the trust and respect of all our clients.

If you want to simply focus on your core business objectives and let an experienced, trustworthy, and dependable team drive you to success don’t hesitate, just reach out and we will be happy to help you bring your ideas to life.


Very experienced and established full stack development team of 20. Our frontend team is mostly European, young, and ambitious with fresh ideas and approaches to UI/UX and design. Our backend team are mostly 35 - 50 age range as experience there is key, mostly from Asia & USA to help with time zone availability 24/7.

We would love to see if we can help regarding any aspects of development either frontend or backend be it existing Dapps you need to scale or ideas you want to bring to fruition.

Some examples of our recent previous work below but we have 100’s more we have worked on over the last 6 years.

Frontend framework and amm/swap backend work

full dapp/token creation + frontend


token creation and multiple contracts

full dapp creation + contracts

currently in sale stage

full dapp creation + contracts

(Backend amm implementation + contracts)

Frontend and backend + consultancy + nft marketplace)

Our company is fully registered as a blockchain company in Costa Rica AVANTGARDE BLOCKCHAIN SERVICES S.R.L and our team is fully doxxed for full trust and transparency.

As you can see we have the experience and the manpower to build any approved idea be it from approved community voted additions to Venus or through the grants system. We hope that you will consider us for future cooperation we would love to work with all of you to build Venus far and beyond what others in the space are capable of.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Kind Regards

Shane Rushent