Appoint Skynet Trading as Liquidity Manager for Native Venus Tokens


This proposal, seeks to designate Skynet Trading as Liquidity Manager for the Venus native tokens. By ensuring robust liquidity management, this partnership aims to elevate Venus’s visibility and trading efficiency within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, enhancing our presence across premier cryptocurrency exchanges, initially focusing on XVS with the potential to expand to include VAI in a later phase as decided by governance.


The primary objective is to empower Skynet Trading to handle liquidity management activities for XVS on leading exchanges, specifically Binance,, and MEXC. This initiative aims to bolster the liquidity of XVS, ensuring smoother transactions, reducing XVS liquidation impacts on the XVS price and enhancing investor confidence.

Liquidity Strategy and Budget Allocation

The liquidity provisioning plan includes strategic allocations on key exchanges to ensure balanced and effective liquidity management:

  • $200,000 in XVS and $200,000 in USDT (Liquidity support and arbitrage)
  • $200,000 in XVS and $200,000 in USDT (Liquidity support)
  • $150,000 in XVS and $150,000 in USDT (Liquidity support)

These funds are allocated to support balanced liquidity and enable efficient arbitrage opportunities, enhance trading activities and market presence, and adapt to the unique market dynamics of the platform, respectively.

Operational Framework and Costs

The monthly operational cost for liquidity management services by Skynet Trading is set at $5,000, which totals $60,000 annually. Additionally, an annual fee of $3,000 is allocated for the maintenance costs of the legal entity overseeing these operations. This budget is pivotal for maintaining active and competitive liquidity provisions on all platforms.

Important Note on Liquidity Management

Liquidity will remain available and accessible by the Venus Treasury at all times, should it be needed, and can be returned to the treasury if a governance proposal requesting its return is submitted and passed. This ensures that the community retains full control over the deployed assets, safeguarding the financial health and operational flexibility of the Venus Protocol.


This proposal encourages the Venus community to approve Skynet Trading as the designated Liquidity Manager. The collaboration aims to provide strategic liquidity solutions that are vital for the growth and stability of Venus Protocol in the competitive DeFi market. This initiative will ensure that our liquidity remains robust, enhancing user confidence and market stability.


Let’s do it immediately :blue_heart::blue_heart:


Our Community has been working hard to make this a reality for a long time! Let’s make it happen!


Very supportive for this proposal.


Ill vote for! No doubt! One step closer again!

100% agree with this proposal

The offer we have been waiting for a long time has finally arrived, let’s do it.


I support this proposal, Our team is always working hard to support the project, let’s go guys


I am truly excited about the possibility of Skynet Trading becoming the Liquidity Manager for Venus tokens. The idea of strengthening liquidity and trading efficiency within the DeFi ecosystem, especially on such prominent exchanges as Binance,, and MEXC, is simply revolutionary. The proposed budget allocation strategy and operational framework seem exceptionally well-thought-out and fundamental for the sustained growth of Venus.

The transparency and control that this proposal offers to the community, allowing liquidity to remain accessible by the Venus Treasury, is a testament to the commitment to the financial health and operational flexibility of the Venus Protocol. I am convinced that this collaboration with Skynet Trading is a crucial step forward and I am eager to see the positive outcomes it will bring. I fully support this initiative and look forward to its successful implementation!

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Try to improve the liquidity of XVS.

We need market makers and more exposure, accept this proposal!!

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Definitely need to make it happen real quick! I’m in favor🩵

I fully support this proposal. skynet have established themselves as professionals in their field.

awareness is everything. we need to reach many more people for using venus protocol and hold xvs for more interest. i am fully support this proposal.

with this proposal will see less manipulation. Nice!

That’s right, it’s worth it. This means that you can destekliyoruz fiyat hareketlerinin yukarı hareket etmesi için de desteklenmeli.

This is huge. I’m in full support!