VRT Swap vesting schedule

Hi Everyone. As there has been many questions on the VRT Swap Vesting models and it is impossible for us to follow-up on a one by one case and spend our entire day’s on this, please use this thread to ask all of your questions.

Thanks everyone! Let’s get done and over with the VRT Swap once for all so that we can focus on VAI and XVS.


Am I correct in assuming that the VRT applied for will be replaced by the locked XVS immediately after application?
Since it is locked, it cannot be withdrawn, but will it be treated as a stake in the XVS Vault and be subject to APR?

Can you please answer questions for the daily cap proposal

  1. Per my understanding, swap is capped to 5022 XVS per day and it is first come first serve. technically a whale or a big guy with a bot can get the allotted 5022 XVS every day leaving no chance for the small retailers.
  2. Will there be any CAP on individual wallets? Even if there is a cap, whale with bot can use multiple wallets and don’t give a chance to small users.
  3. I assume there is no vesting period in this proposal. So technically the whale can sell 5022 XVS immediately to VRT and play the swap game again ( leaving no chance for small users)
  4. Will there be any indicator on the GUI indicating the remaining XVS that can be claimed on the particular day. Or anything that indicates that daily limit is over.
  5. What time does the counter reset daily?
  6. Is there going to be VRT vault with 3% APY and swap can be initiated from that vault ?



Hi! Let’s go with the initial swap proposal, with 12 months linear vesting.
Best option for me :slight_smile: In this case, for example, say you want to swap 120 XVS, you will get 12 XVS withdrawable each month
Very simple solution to understand and implement.

The 5022 XVS a day cap is without vesting? There are concerns raised by others that, with this cap, how will the daily quota be allocated? Is there a limit by wallet?

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Why not make a poll.

  • Use vesting with fixed unlock time (initial proposal)
  • Use fixed speed vesting

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How many XVS will be made available by this swap?

Haha no :rofl: there’s 50k vrt holders on bscscan… once the swap is launched they’ll all be coming back :eyes:That’s a lot of volume so a successful swap is going to be massive marketing for Venus

Hi! Let’s go with the initial swap proposal, with 12 months linear vesting.
Best option for me :slight_smile: In this case, for example, say you want to swap 120 XVS, you will get 10 XVS withdrawable each month
Very simple solution to understand and implement.


Hi, adding questions in here from users on Telegram Governance group:

Targarace said:

  1. If there is a daily swap total amount (5022.83 XVS), how Venus determine who is the first one get swapped? Is it based on a luck draw or FCFS on the first second after mid night or depend on as per user when the user swap their VRT for the first time (then for this swapping user every 24 hours)?

  2. Does the VRT swapped automatically happen? It does not make sense for the user to manually swap every day? That would be too tedious! And manually swap will also involves my 1st question too.

  3. Let’s say if there is a whale somehow luckily could swap all of 5033 XVS every time every day, then he can go to buy more VRT and get swapped next day, no one else would buy VRT anymore coz no one apart from that whale knows their VRT can get swapped for sure, therefore the arbitrage might not work as we expected, which means whoever can get first 5033 XVS would be the winner and the rest VRT holders are loser… this is speculation, still it could happen. therefore, it is vital to know in what condition and when the VRT can be swapped every day.

  4. If a user swap the VRT, then all his/her VRT would stay in the same vault, and given automatic swapped every day, his/her swapped XVS could not be withdrawn until lock period (one year or certain long period) after his/her VRT swap date. The lock period could be random number between 7 - 365 based on their wallet address, which reduce the XVS selling pressure as it does not give the certainty. What does the team think about it?

Several users asked:
Will a ‘black-list’ wallet added in order to avoid bad-debts users?

Dav Dumbledore asked:
Proposal on a single VRT swap and burn vault. This proposal replaces all other proposals in VRT swap to XVS.

Introduction. There is a fixed amount of XVS to be swapped for VRT to be released linear over 12 months. Linear release protects the XVS token price. For Linear release, a 3% deposit time bonus will be added.

Based on the amount of VRT to be swapped at a ratio of 12000 VRT to 1 XVS, gives a daily cap of
5022.83 + 3% of XVS to be distributed each day, by block.

A new VRT swap and burn vault is proposed with the following parameters and features.

Fair share. VRT supplied to the vault will receive a share of rewards, based on the percentage of the total VRT supplied.

Rewards. The vault will receive rewards as XVS tokens, The amount will be calculated from the daily cap of 5022.83 + 3% and distributed per block.

Reward Time. XVS will be distributed linearly over 12 months. XVS distribution will have a specific start date and end date.

Reward withdrawal. XVS accumulated per block, can be withdrawn at any time by the wallet address that supplied the VRT.

Vault end. The vault will remain open until all XVS had been claimed by individual wallets. When all XVS has been claimed, all VRT deposited will be burnt and the vault destroyed.

Open. Additional VRT can be deposited at anytime. VRT can be deposited 5 days before stat date of XVS distribution.

VRT lock. VRT is supplied to the vault and cannot be withdrawn.

Blacklist. Certain wallet addresses will not be allowed to stake VRT.

Announcement. Give 30 days notice of XVS distribution start date. This allows VRT holders to prepare and be made aware of the VRT swap and burn vault.

Jaime asked:
Assuming a Linear-one-year-vesting:
In order to avoid speculation along a year (people selling XVS for buying VRT over and over…), after VRT Vault is released, would be possible to open a short-timeframe, let’s say two weeks or a month, for users to deposit their VRT on Vault for Conversion to XVS?
After that timeframe Venus won’t accept any other deposit and those tokens won’t be part of Venus anymore. Users who don’t deposit could yet swap/trade them any other place accepting.

Bilial asked:
The initial swap was good, predictable and steady. The new suggestion only benefits whales and early swappers which does make me wonder why it’s even being proposed
But the biggest issue with the new swap is that it’s vulnerable to manipulation
Whales will take their swap first and it could take many months for the smaller vrt holders to redeem their swapped tokens
How to avoid that?

Venus has been plummeting for 9 months straight. So the swap will actually bring the return of tens of thousands of old Venus users (it had a TVL of 11 billion and a market cap of 1 billion when vrt was issued). If we can fix the old issues we had, we can convince all these returning users to reinvest themselves into Venus. So the vrt swap is actually a huge targeted marketing opportunity (it’s targeting actual defi users) where Venus can make amends of it’s wrongdoings, mistakes & honour it’s promise. It will also boost the confidence of new investors as they’ll see that Venus can be trusted and is committed to serving it’s investors.
I had a quick look on bscscan and some of the VRT wallets that I looked at have been inactive for months so we need to wake them up and have them give us another chance. The one year vesting period will ensure that they stick around for at least a year. Some of the bullish Venus investors have actually bought VRT too as they see themselves as long term investors so what we should have is the old forgotten investors returning and long term vrt buyers staking. I heard there’s roughly 1k Wallets staking 10xvs or more in the vault. That’s actually embarrassing for a protocol that’s been around for a year :rofl: the vrt swap will surely boost those numbers. Lastly, getting the swap done with will allow the protocol to move forward with new developments as its past will have been settled.


This is how I think the VRT swap process should work.

VRT Swap Proposal

VRT retired in 12 months
All XVS rewards paid out over 2 years while maintaining 1 year vesting schedule

Swap (Active 12 months)

12000 VRT = 1 XVS

  1. Swap Only active for 12 calendar months.
  2. VRT used for swap will be burnt
  3. XVS distributed over 1 year (365 days). 1/365 per day starting from day of swap. Each swap will have a unique start /end date but all rewards paid 1/365 per day (1 year payout)
  4. Each swap will be capped at 120,000,000 VRT
  5. Each wallet will be capped at 5 swaps
  6. No APR during the vesting schedule
  7. Swaps under 12000 VRT will be paid instantly (capped at 1 swap per wallet)
    a. Swaps under 12000 VRT will be capped at 300 swaps per day (less than 300 XVS p/day)
    b. First come first serve
  8. VRT is retired

Vault (24-month investment)
Vault - Minimum 12000 VRT deposit

  1. Vault earns 3% APR
  2. VRT is locked/burnt on deposit - No withdrawals
  3. Vault will only be active for 12 calendar months. Fixed dates
  4. After 12 calendar months the vault stops accepting deposits
  5. VRT in vault will be swapped for XVS
  6. XVS will be distributed 1/365 per day (no APR during vesting schedule)
    a. XVS payouts begin 1 year and 1 day from vault release. The day after the vault closes.
  7. VRT is retired.

XVS Admin VRT Swap 2 options - voted on by community

The XVS admin wallet looks to hold 13,269,921,004.76 VRT

  1. Burn all VRT


  1. VRT is swapped for XVS (12000 VRT = 1 XVS)
    a. XVS to be distributed to the XVS vault over 2 years (1,514.83 XVS per day)
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Buyback these VRT one-time at a fixed price using the income in the treature. It’s very simple and quick.

ALL these schdules are wasting the time and XVS, wasting the time of DEV.

20149.45911049 BNB and about 10M $ income, the past 15 days the time-weighted average price (TWAP), just need about 4M $ to buyback all these VRT.

And this is the time to buy BTC and ETH to cover the bad debt!!!


It looks like the Devs are hard at work finishing up the swap. At this point vrt will not have any long term effect on Venus. Vrt is down 99% and anyone who bought it or got it by buying xvs is also down 95-99%. Its been a complete disaster. All these changes bring about confusion, especially for users who trusted the process.

Do you want to keep those holders happy, because they are the last holders left. Then decrease the swap rate and give them more xvs. Suprise them with some good news instead of constant uncertanty. All this swap hold for 12 monthe etc and changing terms is only making your core target retail audience sad and frustrated. The mods can only delete so many comments before the community just up and leaves.

Its sad that such a good project has jerked its core investors around so much.


Even 12000:1 is okay. Only thing I want, is just to finally finish with that swap and nft’s.

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2023 maybe … :rofl:

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The price of VRT has been increasing. So has XVS. I wonder if someone knows this swap is coming soon. cough the team cough. SO they are buying at a discount to get ready.

It shouldn’t be allowed to swap for everyone, except to those, who got VRT by holding XVS.