VIP-52 VRT Swap & XVS Vesting

To put this another way. I love XVS, it had the highest TVL on BSC and was headed from $140 to $1k. At $1B market cap compared to $14B TVL at the time, it rivaled AAVE, COMP and leaders. The glitch that tanked the price hurt investor confidence. Especially since every time there was a dip, liquidations sold more and kept the price perpetually crashing. Most of you know this. As someone who had clients trust me and jump in at $100 up to $130, my credibility is suffering. I have told them that Venus would propose a fair solution to compensate what is now a 90% drop… during an overall sideways market in the year since. Going forward I’m bullish. And I have bought more at dip. But there must be a better and fair compromise than $1200 worth of XVS for a $90k loss among our group? What am I missing?

That has been the solution offered for many months now. Probably close to a year. Where have you been?

Honestly? Some life drama. But to be fair, I didn’t know this was the official source. I follow many crypto projects on many platforms. It’s overwhelming. Some prefer Twitter, some Discord, some Telegram, some Reddit… and then some have their own community forums. There is no standard across the board. And I have read many comments on all these various platforms regarding this issue. With many claims being made on solution and target date. And then Youtubers I follow speculating on solution. Plus management changed over during that time too. So it’s been very confusing to stay updated. I didn’t know it was officially discussed here. Now I know.

Discord is actually the place for most of the discussions. I learned about the 1200/1 ratio when someone from the team did an interview. They have since talked about it here and discord many times. My point is that if you are going to invest in something so risky you really should do just a little work to find out whats going on. I hope you didnt invest a lot.