Value Creation suggestion for Venus NFT, VRT & XVS

I will like to recommend Below steps in future for value creation Of Nft Of Venus and VRT and XVS along with already plan thing for vrt in whitpaper

1)Give a Voting Power to nft holders as 1 : 1 or 1 : 10 (any best number) votes in governance section so it will automatically create a value for nft holders and in turn value to each issued unique nft which can be traded with this voting rights value and staking as use case will give value to it in nft marketplaces

2)Create a staking vault for nft like current vai vaults and give vrt as rewards which will make nfts more valuable to hold with staking benefits and voting benefits

3)Xvs should be completely stop as rewards for all currency except vrt , only vrt market of supply and borrow should receive xvs rewards in future hence creating scarcity of xvs and value for vrt holders bcz vrt holders get governance token in rewards
so scarcity and vrt rewards and governance function will create it value and prolonged the xvs emission for many years or burn it

4)All markets should get vrt as rewards except vrt own market which is getting xvs as rewards

thus creating a circle of rewards like stake xvs and other currency get vrt and stake vrt get xvs automatically create circle of value for both token and nft with voting right in governance shall give them value…

Hope community and developers read this suggestion and try to implement whichever possible and feasible for value creation and also will like to read the comments from community on this above suggestion as decentralized platform