Sue Joselito/Swipe/binance

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Don’t forget that the regular XVS holder has to pay for the shortfall of two addresses, as of VIP-29 3-4 Mio XVS will be released into the open market and only God knows how they will be sold on the market. As of VIP-38 already 300K have been released and nobody knows how they will be sold or if they already have been sold?!

There is enought liquidity to sell those 300k xvs… along 1 week or 1 month… without have impact at the price… the thing is Joselito did runned away and left the hole… a lot people lost their XVS and a lot people had been forced to sell others coins or sell to hold the hit… and the funny thing is the silence… looks like no one lost money and dont wanna it back… In the meantime Swipe is healthy … Joselito if were a serious person would first do the things he promised and not run away… i guess this is a MR Gox … flashback… Instead solution we have empty promises and a debit to repay to Binance… wich sounds funny … as we lost our coins … lost our investment and now we have to pay Binance for their loss… oh sorry isnt binance is some big player… … Binance… The most funny thing is liquidators still being able to be any other protocol… that keeps farming Venus community… wich i said several times the liquidator should come from Venus protocol reserves or treasury… not outside people getting easy money to repay bad debit… anyway… people need to join to moove this forward… isnt a hit and run and forget… we are talking about a lot money… a lot promises broken… and " i dont care from Joselito-Binance side"…

If we sue Joselito, we would have to sue his employer too (Binance).
He left because he is ill and he will comeback later : There is no CEO in the new Venus Team.

I understand your concern. We should use our energy more efficiently.

Its a waste of time… to be honest… the event they are making is to make people forget the unprofessional behaviour from Joselito/ Swipe/ Binance… as they were only one… Anyway since there is no interest its time to Rebuild from zero … but one thing is sure trust has been damaged as well Binance reputation with Venus .

What has happened with VAI just goes to show the team is the same as the old, empty promises with no action.

Pump and dump by the book. I also think we have to hold JL responsible for the crash. #delistSXP #sueJoselito

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