Proposal:Venus team and company lock their free tokens and make them unshakable

I’m wondering. Why does Venus get to stake their own tokens. That doesnt seem very fair. Their tokens should be locked and notnstakeable. Especially the free ones from the airdrop which are 900k free tokens.

Now that Venus changed the rules and tokens can be staked and voted with, they are accumulating the following

900k * .20 = 180,000 xvs tokens per year.

At a price of 4.7 that’s 846,000 USD.

This is almost a million dollars of sell side pressure and money that could go to real stakers. Also this xvs could be sold when the price is high and bought back when the price is low causing imbalances and more profits at investors expense.

Venus being able to stake free tokens is coming at the expense of the investors who bought tokens and are staking. The rewards are coming out of the same pool and its diluting the investors token.

Shouldn’t the focus of venus be to attract new financing, and not use the protocol to make revenue. This is not even including the 50% liquidation profits Venus also makes.

The numbers just don’t add up for new investors and I think this is a discussion worth having

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Actually, these tokens need to be staked in the XVS Vault so that the team can launch VIP Proposals. The rewards accumulated are actually withdrawn periodically and re-sent to the XVS Vault Rewards Distribution contract, for XVS Stakers benefits. The Team DOES NOT benefit from these.

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Let’s say that’s true. That can change at any moment. Don’t trust verify. Why is there not a feature not coded to be disabled for those tokens? Do you have blockchain proof of this via addresses and staked token rewards of what you say?

Second, there are 5.5m tokens staked. I think the second proposal should be to know exactly how many tokens the team was gifted, bought or airdropped and put in the vault. Then we can clarify what the team is doing. The team being 1.Xvs founders and employees and 2. Binance.

I think the team should clarify how much making money/xvs its making with staking. The team should be raising money by selling tokens to new investors. If the teams is taking liquidation revenue stream and buying xvs tokens then depositing them in the vault and earning rewards, that’s a perpetual cycle of the token never appreciating due to sell pressure. I propose transparency in these matters and to see the Venus balance sheet.

In summery the team is not transparent with what its doing with its revenues. Any public or private company who have investors would be able to see the balance sheet. There has never been such a thing offered to the public other than a general tokenomics outline. I propose this.

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