Proposal to Combine all Free Token Wallets and Time lock

These wallets were free printed tokens from the creation of VRT. The first two should be combined as distribution, and the others highlighted were created for free for the team. The XVS wallets were only 9m circulating supply, but for some reason 13B tokens in the first wallet were not put in the distribution wallet. This is very concerning an worrying.

In the institution of fairness, any team tokens should be 3 year time locked, and those two top addresses should be combined and made distribution only.


Apparently the SXP wallets with 600k XVS and 300k XVS aren’t bought. Those were retained from the original genesis address by team Joselito without paying for it “Governance only we won’t sell” is what they kept saying.
So any VRT airdrop to those should be burned to gain the community trust


Agree. I wont get back in the project until this issue is solved.


I agree. they must block vrt or take reasonable action against vrt from the above wallets


All xvs Holders were eligible to the airdrop… no matter their size at all… JL and Swipe team wont sell tokens… atleast they dont need it at all… i dont see they burning vrt neither xvs… Wich is needed to make proposal to be implemented at the protocol…As i know all wallets with VRT are real XVS holders soo stop trying to remove whales as we need them… Vrt will be used for rewards not to pay debit alone…

They just sold 1 million XVS tokens from the genesis wallet. So what you said is not factual. They will sell to make money. Biannce also trades against you to make money. The only way to have real investors get back in the token is to lock up all those coins for a long time.

Clearly, if binance is making money, they wont do that. Thats the problem with centralized exchanges and coins.