Proposal 00000 Venus

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Now that’s some serious good suggestions and vision Markus. Your posts get me excited. Long way to go but with minds like this aroumd we will get there. :+1:


Thank you for spending time on this well-crafted proposal!

After a first read, I would agree with most of it. I have some reservations on the NFT section: while I like the idea, it may add a layer of complication that is off-putting to new users. Perhaps this can remedied by seamless integration into the UI or not requiring an NFT for the lowest tier.

Edit: Proposal 1 vs Proposal 2 was essentially a multi-coin vs uni-coin vote. As the community chose Proposal 1 (apparently), Proposal 3 could be offered as a possible Proposal 1++.


Its a lot good ideas and you reach all coins present at Venus but:
1- we can use some of the supplyed coins that generate more coins (BNB,ETH,ADA, DOT)
2-at first stage the extra and outside earnings could be used to speed up or repaying our debit
3- without any debit this earnings would be shared with XVS HOLDERS present at the protocol… could be every month or every quarter… it does give some extra work but the rewards worth the cost…

But pretty sure some of this sugestion will reach the council … and be implemented as well… Once again thanks to share such brilliant vision.


I agree this is multi-coin proposal. I personally am a proposal 1 guy and want VRT to stay. However, personally would suggest taking care of debt using some bank strategies. After all Venus is a bank in crypto space. Prioritizing different things and taking many additional measures for improving XVS token as well.


1- Yes i agree to, there is also the Venus Development Fund coins that we have (that’s doesn’t have to pay APY to Venus itself) that can generate a decent amount of cashflow and a basket of coins so currently i am not very worried about it once that happens.

2- Again Venus Development fund can raise a generous amount of liquidity within days. 77 million of bad debt is quickly settled with such a product on Binance. 1 billion might even be an understatement of how much could be raised on Binance.

3 - I would say every month, the profit sharing was covered in the dividend system, where profit each month will be deployed for an airdrop for XVS staking participants. Other forms of profit sharing can be discussed too! What do you have in mind?


Cool,love this one. Excellent economic model!


There are many useful suggestions, I hope the new team can be inspired


We have to find a better way to liquidate bad debt from the protocol than to sell 3.3 million XVS in the market. Otherwise, the selling pressure on XVS will not end. Since the XVS price does not rise, the sale will not be made and the debt will not be liquidated.

I loved this proposal as they solved this problem. I hope the new team considers some of these suggestions.


Interesting proposal and good thoughts. I would add an internal dex where it is possible to swap your supplied asset without being liquidated when in danger to get to 100% borrow limit. It should be possible to sell your asset when being supplied and used as collateral in order to prevent liquidation. You will be able to sell your assets (XVS, BTC, BNB,…) for either VRT or VAI which will be then used as a further collateral to reduce your borrow limit.

I like the idea of the XVS dividends and the idea of not going on with the VIP-29 proposal.


I love it, really good proposal. go ahead. work hard. Thank for good draft. I hope it can be run soon


Yes, make XVS great again :heart_eyes:


Good advice, I hope the team can take it for reference.


I believe as we have a lot tokens supplyed we can really be the first Defi that will have multicoins earnings to their community… dividends being paid without being XVS would be great … as xvs hodlers would benefict in long term no matter its value…but well there are plenty sugestions wich can be used from the Council…


My vote is for Proposal 1. But I like what I read here

1- Burn remaining XVS
2- Handle inflation and APY with VRT
3- Manage debt with bank strategy


My vote is for option # 1 and the truth must be implemented as soon as possible since there is a lot of uncertainty and the protocol currencies are falling with more force than normal.


Great proposal Marcus, my only feedback in regards to the VRT/XVS tokenomics is that; VRT should be a deflationary asset within the protocol; with the increased emissions of VRT and reduction of XVS, VRT would require a deflationary mechanism such as a % burnt of the fees, as all fees should also be paid in VRT as it becomes the main utility token of the platform. In doing so, it will make it more achievable for VRT to contribute to the debt payback and treasury.

I believe proposal 1 is a great starting point, working towards implementing a lot of these advanced mechanisms in proposal 3 in time. Will be better to get the VRT and XVS Tokenomics on track and progressing, instead of waiting to implement everything at once. That way the Tokenomics can be adjusted as the protocol grows in time.


I vote YES to this proposal. It’s the only one that provides a stability mechanism to keep VAI at peg. Keeping VAI at peg is critical to the credibility and trust of the Venus platform at large.


Thank you for the kind words.

I agree! There are multiple ways for algo-stablecoins to work. Just presenting a model that might work best for Venus Protocol (the simplest one out there really…).

I do agree, fixing the protocol brings investors in