Cannot repay my BUSD borrowed amount

I have an amount of money blocked beacuse of collateral supply. I’d like to repay my borrowed amount but when I go to repay it says “Currently borrowing 0 BUSD” but there is 1K!! I cannot repay and free my collateral. How can I repay my borrowed amount?


Is there anyy admin or Venus responsible that can explain me why I can’t repay my loan? Because I want to repay it and enable my collateral. Thanks!

We can neither repay borrowed USD nor withdraw supplied USD (which is even worse I’d say) since the pool is empty right now:

Keep an eye on liquidity. BUSD is being injected gradually. 1.16M where already injected and withdrawn in the last 24 hours and liquidity will continue to come in everyday.

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How can liquidity be monitored in real time? I tried to withdraw some BUSD but got an error message.

Check in the app in the Market section => Venus Protocol

Currently there is 180K of liquidity, so you can withdraw your BUSD.