2023 Development Team Expense Reimbursement

Venus development has been huge this year, I’ll happily support this but some additional clarity would be nice :grin:

Does this cover things like salary/wages and work perks etc or is this a bonus being awarded on top of the base rates.

How big is the development team?

We’ve been paying for audits and contracts which have been expensive but did we really forget to pay the development team these past three quarters :rofl: I didn’t realise the 20% allocation was called off, why was that? :sweat_smile:

How was the development team being paid for their work these past quarters, were they unpaid, paid, some other arrangements or we reimbursing loans.

Great work everyone, the development this year has been a huge rocket at taking us to Venus. The Venus name is earning respect amongst Defi enthusiasts. Next year should only get better, go further and reach for the stars :star:

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2023 is a very successful year for Venus and the team worked around the clock to deliver everything promised. Venus is now one of the top DeFi projects in the world. Quality needs ressources. I’m very thankful and support the proposal.

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I agree with this proposal. Venus development has been huge this year and must be continued. Very important to accept this proposal!

I support voting “FOR” the reimbursement for the Venus Protocol development team. Their contributions in advancing DeFi innovation and security are impressive, especially with key developments like Isolated Lending and the multichain XVS bridge. The team’s expertise is invaluable, coming from top-tier tech and banking backgrounds.

Considering the significant progress and the fact that the team’s operational allocation was removed, this reimbursement is crucial for sustaining their vital work. The amount requested seems reasonable in light of the protocol’s earnings, and supporting this will help ensure Venus Protocol continues to thrive and innovate in the DeFi space.

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